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Get the most out of your training in the gym by creating powerful nutrition habits that will not only enhance your performance, but also your life.

Meet Hannah, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. She has been doing CrossFit for over 4 years and has experience working with a variety of people ranging from those looking to improve their overall health to athletes wanting to reach their fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to enhance your physical performance, achieve weight goals, or simply learn how to improve your overall health, Hannah can help you reach your goals.  

Services include:

  • One on one nutrition counseling including an individualized plan based on your physiological response, goals, and other lifestyle factors that promotes healthy habits and long-term results.
  • Resources including personalized meal plans, recipes, handouts, product recommendations, and much more.
  • Continued support and coaching each step of the way to ensure you develop sustainable habits and long-term results.

Package options:

       1. $150 for 2 months including:
                  a. One 60-minute initial assessment
                  b. Two 30-minute follow up sessions
                  c. Weekly accountability

       2. $85 for 1 month including:
                  a. One 60-minute initial assessment
                  b. One 30-minute follow up session

Nutrition can be tricky. Hannah is here to simplify the process, help you find balance between your goals and lifestyle, and bring the enjoyment back in eating. To get started, go to and schedule your first appointment today!

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