Cody Allen

Cody Allen

Coach, CF-L2


National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

Cody wasn’t overly athletic growing up, he stood 6’0 tall and 150lbs soaking wet his freshman year of high school. Dabbling in cross country, football, and track he found that he was just “okay” at everything. After having a hard time excelling at any particular sport, he withdrew himself from high school sports. At the age of 15 his father, almost literally, dragged him into his first CrossFit box. The next few years of his life were spent learning and growing both as an athlete and a future coach. At the age of 18, he broke into the industry at a small boutique gym and has dedicated his life to coaching ever since.

Turning Point

Coach Cody has spent a few years working in the industry, training and learning from some of the best coaches in the Cincinnati area (in both CrossFit and powerlifting). But after several years of working in the commercial industry, he was suffering from a lack of community. Enter CrossFit Cincinnati. “The community here, whether they know it or not, has changed the trajectory of my life and reignited my passion for coaching”

Motivation & Passion

At a young age, he was inspired by his first ever CrossFit coaches to seek out challenges and fall in love with fitness. He lives every day wanting to recreate that feeling for every member of the box.

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