Stephanie Hodges

Stephanie Hodges

Coach CF-L1


Crossfit Level 1 Certification

CF Kids


About Coach

Stephanie has always been a physically active person. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Stephanie played multiple sports, including tennis and volleyball which she continues to play recreationally. But when it came to regular exercise, she struggled to find the right program for her. It wasn't until 2014 that, in an attempt to lose weight, she discovered her passion for running. The following year, after her husband Jason, (also a member at the box) convinced her to try CrossFit, Stephanie found her second passion. It has been that combo of running and CrossFit that gave Stephanie the fitness regimen she had been looking for. Since 2014, she has run 3 marathons, numerous half-marathons, countless 5Ks, and even competed in a few local CrossFit competitions. Finally finding what made her successful, as well as the community support for running and CrossFit, is what inspires Stephanie as a coach today.

Turning Point

Stephanie trained on her own to run her first 5K and then half-marathon. She was surprised by what she was able to accomplish and that inspired her. So she confided in her brother, a running coach. Stephanie said to him, "Do you think I could?" and before she could finish the sentence, her brother replied, "Yes, I do." They were both talking about her running a full marathon. With her brother's encouragement, she joined a local running training group which turned out to be one of the best decisions she ever made. Everyone in the group was friendly and supportive and really wanted each other to do well. That's also what Stephanie found with CrossFit. "The CrossFit community welcomes everyone and celebrates your accomplishments no matter how small. That kind of unwavering, constant support is what makes me want to be at the box."

Motivation & Passion

Educating others has been Stephanie's life's work. She recently retired from a 27-year teaching career in the Kentucky public school system. Coaching is a great way for her to continue doing what she knows so well. She understands the importance of proper technique to maintain safety and efficiency and focuses on breaking down skills and scaling movements as needed to meet each person's needs. Her experience building relationships and working with others both individually and in a group setting is something Stephanie is excited to continue doing.

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