Kaitlyn Burgess

Kaitlyn Burgess

Coach, CF-L2


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About Coach

CrossFit has been a driving force for Kaitlyn since she took her first class in 2016. After sticking with CrossFit for a few months, she knew something was different and has not looked back since. Raised in Indiana, she moved to Cincinnati in 2012 after marrying her husband, Kris. They enjoy going on walks with their dog Mika, cooking together, working on their house, and of course watching TV (a lot of rerunning “The Office,” currently on their eighth time through the whole show). After dealing with sports injuries throughout her life (and during her early CrossFit career at a different affiliate) Kaitlyn decided to go to school to become a physical therapist assistant to learn more about proper movement, injury rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Her primary goal as a CrossFit coach is to get her athletes in the best shape of their lives while keeping them safe and injury-free. According to Kaitlyn: “I have truly found what I’m passionate about—and am thrilled to coach so I can share that passion with others.”

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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