Jamie Hurtubise

Jamie Hurtubise

Coach CF-L1


Co-Owner, CrossFit Cincinnati
CrossFit L-1 Certification
Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach

About Coach

In 2009, at age 37, Jamie walked into his first CrossFit gym and never looked back. "I'd always been active and phased in and out of different sports and fitness modalities but nothing hooked me like CrossFit. The camaraderie of the community is contagious and has kept me coming back for over a decade." The opportunity to own a gym was a natural fit for Jamie's interests. Coaching and training others to be the best version of themselves has long been a passion. As a professional business and personal development coach, Jamie is drawn to empowering others to optimize their potential with an  integrated training model that incorporates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. "Physical training, proper nutrition and optimizing sleep are foundational to living into the best version of ourselves. Everything else is in our lives is more difficult or falls apart if we don't make efforts to optimize the biology. We are built to be challenged." Jamie is driven and inspired by little victories that happen an a daily basis in the gym regardless of fitness level. "Nothing beats the look that comes with a fist-bump and smile after someone completes a challenging work out. They aren't the same person they were an hour before. Growth happened."

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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